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Surgical correction

Dr. Keene takes the time to answer all of your surgical correction questions, and makes sure that you understand all of your options before choosing one.

Diabetic Foot Care

Poor foot care for the diabetic can come at an extremely high price. Poor foot care can lead to infections and amputations of the toes, feet, even legs. However, most serious health problems associated with diabetes can be prevented by taking proper care of your feet. Dr. Keene has extensive experience in the treatment of diabetic foot care.


Custom orthotics can be the ideal solution for many foot and ankle problems, including many types of chronic foot pain. Dr. Keene uses advanced measurement and evaluation techniques to provide patients with the orthotics solutions they need for long-term relief of symptoms.

Wound Care

Wound care covers some of the following; diabetic ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, neuropathic ulcers, and traumatic ulcers.

Fungal Nails

This is a common condition, an infection of the nails which can cause the nails to become yellow, thick, brittle, discolored and sometimes painful. A physical examination is the first step to the correct treatment.

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